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  • Appanoose AM 12-7-23

    Episode 1

    The hosts discuss Iowa State women's basketball, particularly the players Caitlin Clark and Audi Crooks. They also talk about Caitlin Clark's popularity and her potential future in the WNBA. The conversation then shifts to winter weather and travel plans for the holidays. The hosts discus...

  • Appanoose AM 12-20-23

    Episode 2

    The conversation begins with Christmas greetings and a discussion about holiday drinks. The hosts introduce Emerson Bennett, a college student and field goal kicker, and discuss football kickers and holders. They exchange gifts and announce the winner of a randomizer giveaway. The convers...

  • Appanoose AM 12-19-23

    Episode 3

    The conversation begins with an introduction and an announcement about a giveaway. The hosts then discuss a new partnership with Honey Creek Resort and the importance of balancing resort and local business. They also talk about the history and growth of the Iowa Media Network. The convers...

  • Appanoose AM 12-18-23

    Episode 4

    The hosts discuss their weekend activities, including watching football games and preparing for a basketball game. They also talk about the importance of three-point shots in basketball and the need for the three-point line in high school basketball to be further from the basket. The weat...

  • Appanoose AM 12-15-23

    Episode 5

    In this conversation, the hosts discuss various topics including the name Delilah, a fundraiser for the Appanoose County Little League, family Christmas card traditions, raffle ticket sales for two rifles, the Appanoose County Baseball Association and Little League, upcoming basketball ga...

  • Appanoose AM 12-14-23

    Episode 6

    The hosts engage in funny banter and discuss the Wheel and Giftmas. They reminisce about their high school days and talk about the history of their friendship. The weather report is given, and they discuss their experiences getting to know their teachers as adults. They plan future interv...

  • Appanoose AM 12-13-23

    Episode 7

    The hosts discuss various topics including viewer engagement, appreciation for viewership and sponsors, upcoming events and giveaways, local food recommendations, and personal anecdotes. They promote the North Pole package at Honey Creek Resort and discuss plans for New Year's Eve celebra...

  • Appanoose AM 12-12-23

    Episode 8

    The hosts discuss AJ's new drum set and his love for playing the drums. They also announce the Ultimate Holiday Feast giveaway, where listeners can vote on the meats, sides, and desserts they want to be included in the feast. The nomination process for families to receive the feast is als...

  • Appanoose AM 12-11-23

    Episode 9

    The hosts discuss mic troubles, celebrate National App Day, express gratitude for sponsors, promote the Fair Sponsorship Dinner, provide updates on C-First Credit Union, talk about upcoming basketball games, and spin the wheel for a gift card giveaway. In this conversation, AJ Anderson an...

  • Appanoose AM 12-8-23

    Episode 10

    In this conversation, AJ Anderson and his guest discuss various topics, including the excitement of Fridays, the upcoming open house at Forbush Artiques, a flashback to a panoramic view of the square, and the concept of kinetic energy. The conversation covers various events and activities...

  • Appanoose AM 12-6-23

    Episode 11

    The conversation covers various topics including basketball games, high school sports, college football and basketball, weather forecast, movie theaters, theater renovation, dog surgery, Christmas gifts and wrapping, and dogs eating foreign objects. In this episode, the hosts discuss the ...

  • Appanoose AM 12-5-23

    Episode 12

    The hosts discuss basketball updates, weather forecast, a photography walkthrough at Brown Studio, the city government structure, an open house at Farmers Bank, and an interview with Nancy Cutler from Farmers Bank. They also play a game of spinning the wheel to give away prizes. In this c...

  • Appanoose AM 12-4-23

    Episode 13

    The conversation covers various topics including college football bowl games, criticism of the college football playoff committee, and discussions about laundry habits and dishware. The hosts also mention upcoming giveaways and provide a weather forecast. The conversation concludes with a...

  • Appanoose AM 12-1-23

    Episode 14

    The conversation covers various topics such as the introduction to December, the tree on the square, driver's license renewal, traveling and passports, weather updates, the Festival of Lights, basketball and wrestling, the Holiday Sampler, the Tour of Homes, and family recipes. In this ep...

  • Appanoose AM 11-30-23

    Episode 15

  • Appanoose AM 11-29-23

    Episode 16

  • Appanoose AM 11-28-23

    Episode 17

  • Appanoose AM 11-27-23

    Episode 18

  • Appanoose AM 11-21-23

    Episode 19

  • Appanoose AM 11-20-23

    Episode 20

  • Appanoose AM 11-13-23

    Episode 21

  • Appanoose AM 11-14-23

    Episode 22

  • Appanoose AM 11-15-23

    Episode 23

  • Appanoose AM 11-16-23

    Episode 24